Monday, February 15, 2016

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...taking a break from all the drywall dust cleanup that's taken place today. This weekend we cut out all the water damage, sealed everything up with a mold killing/inhibiting primer, finally and completely fixed the actual water leak, and all without having to tear into the outside wall of the house (hallelujah!).
...itching to wrap up the house projects so I can get outside for the season(s) upcoming!
...wondering how many more loads of laundry there will be before everyone's undies, socks, and pjs are restocked (right now I've done 3 loads of clothes, two loads of sheets, and a load of towels and napkins... and yet there's more).
...marveling at the symphony of birdsong through the open windows... maybe we're skipping Real Winter this year for real, because it really feels like Spring is just around the corner. Really.
...getting excited about the Mother Earth News Fair coming up this weekend!
...planning casseroles, cookies, and maybe a coffee cake for when I leave my Littles and the hubs for two whole nights.
...loving that, when the opportunity arises, I am actually able to go and leave my fam for a couple days without (much) regret.

Right now our oaks are budding, there are robins in our yard almost every morning, and at least for the next week we'll have the heaters off and the windows open. C'mon to-do lists, let's get to the part where we all start working outside!

Happy spring-feverish Monday!

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