Saturday, March 21, 2015

Visiting :: San Antonio

We're back, y'all! Back from a little intrastate trip for our girl's first spring break; back from a road trip and an adventure! We visited San Antonio this week, and just as it should have been (what with traveling with two kiddos 6 and under) it was a challenge, a joy and a surprising success.

We decided we'd only go out for three nights this time around, since we've never really done more than 1 or 2 at a time to this point... and that was a good call. Three nights was just right.

We ate out for every meal.

We did a lot of walking.

We took boat ride tours and cave tours and even an accidental hotel tour (due to getting turned around and a little lost in the huge hotel where we stayed).

It was a good time, my Littles were better than we could have hoped, the food was all excellent, the weather held out, and the drive down and back wasn't too bad.

First Spring Break Road Trip = A+

Our first day in SA was St. Patrick's Day
The view from the balcony the first day
It rained almost the entire afternoon

At this restaurant, all they had on the table was margarine, so we asked our server for some
real butter... and what we got was a chunk from the kitchen that they cooked with
(featured there in the center of the table on the dark blue plate) 

Our second days' excursion was the Natural Bridge Caverns, worthy of their own post, so
check back later for pics from the underground tour!

We moved to a new room the second day due to the insane amount of noise off the river,
and Audrey had the first nap in the big bed.

Our hotel also featured a "heated" pool, and these goofballs swam until their lips were blue
and they were shivering... two days in a row.

One of the kids' favorite parts of our trip: the boat tour the second night

Of course, we visited the Alamo, though the line was so incredibly long to get inside that we
kept to the outside grounds
We visited a decrepit children's museum that was moving locations at the end of the month
and had thus fallen into disrepair... but there was still some cool art to be seen...

...and this... so it wasn't a total bummer.

And you know this Mama was thrilled to find her girl like this!

Our last afternoon on the river and... baby ducklings!

The morning before we hit the road, the kids had their breakfast in our private little courtyard
We had a great time being out, just the four of us, trying new things... and the day we arrived back home- the first day of Spring- we found our home bursting with new garden sprouts, blossoming peach trees, and wild flowers everywhere!

I think our place missed us... it was quite a Welcome Home.

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