Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Snowy Status Update

True to this early March pattern we seemed doomed to repeat, we "warmed up" yesterday into the 50's and awoke this morning to a thick blanket of white. School closed, work closed, and we all watched the sun rise over the soft and sparkling landscape. I think this morning's snowfall has been the most we've had to date. It was easily over 5" in many places (which is a big deal for us!).

There was supposed to be a thick layer of sleet under all that fluffy stuff, so we eagerly busted the sleds out once again, but alas it was all dry and fine like frozen glitter. The kids had fun anyway, pulling- and being pulled on- the sled through the little drifts, watching for animal tracks and undisturbed sparkles.

We followed rabbit tracks and Leeloo tracks and bird tracks and ended up crunching through the woods, enjoying the feeling of being somewhere completely different and very familiar at the same time.

And finally, after watching both kids try and sneak handfuls of snow into their mouths, we decided we'd wrap up our excursion by scooping up a big bowl of fresh snow and heading inside to make snow ice cream.

We are now all dried off, warmed up, and tucked in for naps (well, almost all of us...), and true to The Usual the snow is slowly melting into rivulets down the driveway.

So long, crazy March snow, it's been fun... but I'm starting to get a little antsy to be back out in the garden!


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