Monday, December 15, 2014

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...wishing I'd grabbed an afternoon cuppa joe before I started writing this post.
...realizing that at this very moment, I'm perched pretty much at the apex of the holiday to-do mountain; I think I'm about ready to start my downhill descent, y'all!
...once again trying to cut back on my ambitious to-make cookie list... but I just can't decide, there are so many good recipes to try this time of year!
...feeling grateful for the handyman help this weekend to get our palatial elving project for the Littles completed.
...noticing I still have cedar-colored stain on almost all the fingers of my right hand... I wonder if Santa's elves have this problem sometimes, too?
...smiling at the rare chance everyone had to linger in pjs this weekend and engage in goofery of every sort.
...loving the sunny, bee-you-tee-ful weather we're having today, and the chance to slip back out to our project site and add a few more final touches, nap time permitting.

Right now, no cookies or treats have been made, there are still little gifty things coming in the mail, and our Little House in the Big-ish Woods is still needing work... but oh, is it ever good work, and what's left undone is going to be fun to wrap up! (yes, pun intended)

Happy last-week-before-Christmas, and happy Monday!


  1. I think I'm both wildly impressed at your plans and that you're near enough to have finished things to be on the downhill descent! Happy week before Christmas to you too :)