Tuesday, January 28, 2014

On a Friday Night

Last Friday, I drove over to a fairly local butcher and picked up our share of a forequarter of organic grass-fed beef that we've gone in on with a second family. I requested to have included in our share all the 'waste' products from the butchering process- i.e. the bones and leaf fat (can you believe those are considered waste?).

After reading The Happiness Diet and having so much of what I've read here and there cemented for me even further, we bit the bullet and went all-in in the organic, minimally processed food game. No more dabbling, no more picking and choosing and keeping that tub of Crisco in the back corner of the pantry.

So what does one do late on a Friday night with a freezer full of all this good stuff? Why, make bone broth, of course.

Out came the pressure canner, the jars we've been emptying of late summer goodness, and the two biggest of the 15 pounds of stock bones, and a few hours later... ten quarts of good beef stock! (Originally 13 quarts, but three were broken in the process, sad day.)

That was fun.

Next stop: rendering tallow!

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