Monday, October 14, 2013

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...listening to the wind chime and the rain falling, sipping hot coffee out of a chipped mug, and making our menu plan for the week.
...wondering why my coffee pot keeps overflowing in the last five minutes of it's brewing process.
...smiling every time I open Henry's top dresser drawer and catch sight of the cutest, smallest cotton briefs ever... then sighing as it's almost time for him to start using them, and after that I'll have no more babies in diapers ever again...
...sneaking over to Aunt Peaches here and there to read a bit and laugh... she seems to write what I'm thinking, only wittier.
...learning about medicinal plants, and adding them to the garden plans for the coming spring.
...buckling down and cranking out the last of the to-do's for Little A's birthday party this coming weekend, and feeling a bit less anxiety about it now that I have a functional sink once again (read: new faucet!).
...still in denial that my girl is about to turn five years old. Five years old!
...attempting to narrow down and focus my kiddos' costume choices for this year's Halloween... Audrey has declared she wants to be a cow- no wait, a kitty- no wait, a horse- no wait, a cowboy- no wait, a train... you get the idea. Henry, on the other hand, will be a cowboy.
...loving a weekend that, upon reviewing it's photos, was apparently spent almost entirely outside.

Today, tomorrow, and all the spare moments after that will be spent in a whirlwind of Dora the Explorer party preparations, and this girl of ours couldn't be more excited. She'll be five on Thursday, and we'll be celebrating her practically all week long.

As Dora would say: 'C'mon, vamanos, everybody let's go... c'mon let's get to it, I know that we can do it!'

And so we shall. Happy Monday.

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