Saturday, March 5, 2011

T-17 Days

With Baby Brother's arrival looming near, the minutes, hours, and days between now and then have taken on a new level of importance. When the alarm wakes us in the morning, we get up from a night that was undisturbed by feedings and paranoia and appreciate it a little more. When breakfast bites are shared with Big Sister, we sit back and watch her feed herself, drink out of a cup without a lid, and talk to us about what she sees and what she wants to do afterward, and we marvel at the significance and specialness of it. During nap times and independent play, not a moment is taken for granted. Every game and book and puzzle and romp outside are savored and absorbed with the knowledge that our 'usual' will soon be tucked away in the past, and a new 'usual' will be finding it's way into our routines.

The running 'to-do' list in Mama's head is gaining a feeling of urgency, too, and it is growing harder and harder to prioritize what should be done now and what could be put off a little longer. Two weeks(ish) seems like a long time and like it's already over at the same time... and that's assuming we'll have the full 17 days! In moments of lucidity, we can admit to ourselves that Baby Brother will be safe and healthy and right at home if the blinds are dusted or not, if there are a few extra meals in the freezer or a few less, or if there is laundry to do on homecoming day or not. Or will he...?

For now, we are making conscious efforts to focus energy on savoring these numbered threesome moments, thinking positively about safety and health, and appreciating the blessings that will come from not being first-time parents this time around. Everything else we'll face when we get there!

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