Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This morning has been busy with various errands here and there, a few of which took us out and about. On the way home, the beautiful weather beckoned to us, and we ended up detouring to our neighborhood park for a good romp before lunch. Much to a little girl's delight, we had the park all to ourselves, and her budding sense of independence pushed her to play on the equipment all by herself this time (with only a few requests for Mama's hands here and there). It was amazing for this Mama to watch as she climbed like a monkey all over the playground, when only a few months earlier she wouldn't take a step without a parental shadow. Our little girl is growing up!

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  1. You are right! She has grown up! In the middle of December at the Trinity playground she had to have Daddy at the top and Mama there to catch her. sigh.