Tuesday, May 31, 2016

What a Weekend!

Our three-day weekend started out blissfully unplanned and unfilled, promising a chance to rest, catch up on chores, and spend a little time with the kiddos. How things changed! Our poor brave sweet girl kicked off the weekend by missing her Field Day on Friday due to tummy troubles. Then on Friday night she developed an earache that quickly spiraled into an ear infection, and on Sunday night her eardrum burst.

Talk about a bad weekend to develop a need for medical care! Because everything else was closed, we ended up in the ER looking for relief from her ear pain........... and they sent us home saying it was just some fluid buildup that should resolve itself! It was that night that her eardrum burst.

So we shuffled through the rest of the weekend bouncing between meds, teas, warm compresses and sleep deprivation, and as soon as her pediatrician's office opened on Tuesday morning we were there.

Now, two prescriptions and another missed day of school later, we are so ready to say goodbye to this ever-stretching 5-day three-day weekend and get back into the swing of things!

The evening we were walking out of the ER- without any relief and little clue of what was to come that night- Audrey found a penny in the parking lot and as she pocketed it said, "I'm a little bit luckier now!"

............ and then she skewered her foot on a splinter lodged in her carpet when we got home.

What a weekend we've had, y'all!

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