Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Birthday Prepping

My first baby is about to turn seven years old.


*sniff, sniff*

She is quickly becoming her own person with tastes, style, friends, and quirky sense of humor. I'm so proud of her... but I can't stop feeling dizzy with the time whizzing by so fast. She is such a treasure.

This week I've been working on little party things here and there in preparation for her party this Saturday. She declared the theme to be all things mermaid, and so it shall be.

First project: party favors. She had a very specific guest list ready for her party, and there are potentially a lot of kids that could show up... I really wanted to try and think up party favors that weren't full of sugar, so we opted for 'Mermaid Pets' this time around. Hopefully we will have enough for everyone!

There have also been sessions of card-making and wrapping paper-decorating, we have a big box of items waiting to become decorations, and there's a Mama-made mermaid-inspired party dress with a pair of matching pants for Brother waiting in closets for Saturday morning.

It's almost time for the beginning of the food prep- I'm taking shortcuts all around for the lunch, but very special cupcakes are a must so there will still be some more creative effort to put forth... and then there's the cherry on the top of this whole celebration: we're going to do a Big Girl Room update on Friday while the birthday girl is at school! I've been secretly getting things ready and storing them up in the attic, awaiting the school hours when the special girl will be away and Mama and Brother can get to work!

I'm pretty excited about that. Stop by here on Friday for the room reveal!

But seriously, though... seven years old. Sheesh.

*sniff, sniff*