Thursday, September 3, 2015

Bees! (Well, Bee Cookies)

I'm falling deeper down the rabbit hole... or would it be bee hole? That doesn't sound right. Anyway, I'm all up in this beekeeping thing. I'm now involved in two beekeepers' clubs, one of which is just getting started, and for last night's meeting I volunteered to bring refreshments for everyone. All 75 of them.

I could have just brought Chex mix and bottled water, but what would have been the fun in that? As the only member in this charter club that does not have bees (yet!), I felt like a little more effort would be well played.

So a little more effort I gave.

Every time I attend a bee class or a beekeepers' meeting, I come away feeling so much more 'in the know' and at the same time so humbled by what I still don't know. One thing I'm feeling good about, though: I feel like I'm ready to place my order for my bees and hives. I can't wait until October!

But until my order is placed and Spring brings my bees, I'll just settle for a hives' worth of bee sugar cookies and a bunch of new beekeeping friends!

Find the cookie cutters I used here

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