Monday, August 3, 2015

Right Now

Right now, I'm loving a weekend that saw...

...a "cold front" on Friday which brought much lower humidity and a weekend with mornings cool enough for coffee on the back porch.
...a house full of the kind of quiet and still that only comes from Littles spending the weekend away.
...a double-date night with friends, an amazing dinner, and some crazy people watching.
...the burning of our brush pile (finally!), a late morning kid return-delivery, a really good treasure-filled trip to the thrift store with my Mama, and early bed times for all!

Right now we're kicking off the week a little out of our usual: we're in Daddy's truck this morning so we can take it to have the tires rotated and balanced, and while we have the truck we'll swing by our farm supply store for a small chicken cage so we can quarantine a Red Lady with sour crop (that should be fun). We're also still dealing with a broody mama-wannabe who refuses to give up sitting in nesting box(es), despite the fact that she has no eggs to sit on and it's really, really hot... so there's that, too.

So I guess I'll spend a little of my early morning quiet time googling more ideas on how to break this broody hen of her broodiness.


Happy Monday!

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