Monday, August 4, 2014

Right Now

Right now, I'm loving a weekend that saw... errands, no appointments, no classes... no one in and no one out.
...breakfasts with eggs from our chickens, lunches of leftovers, and dinners with eggs from our chickens.
...lots of chances for us to move slowly, read library books, rest a little, and enjoy each other's company. mornings that led to some good yard work getting done. evenings that let us linger on the back porch, tape measure and remote-controlled tractor at the ready, enjoying the late summer light and the sweaty hugs of happy kiddos.

Right now I'm listening to Chicken Joe crow, Leeloo bark at nothing, the coffee maker steam and drip, and the rest of the days' noises wait silently for their turn to chime in when the house wakes up.

I'm smiling at the peace of the weekend, breathing in the air of another cool(ish) morning, and looking forward to this week and all it holds.

Happy Monday!

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