Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Right Now, Tuesday

Right now, I'm loving a busy weekend that saw...

...family visits, a good movie, two pies and a cake.
...a successful trip to a new thrift store, some new stuff for Mama, and some really cool old books.
...two days in a row with 10 eggs from the girls each day.
...more meals at restaurants than the last two months have seen put together.
...really, really hot afternoons.
...the kickoff to my 32nd year, a happy birthday song that was practiced multiple times in the preceding days by very excited kiddos, and very sweet and thoughtful treats for yours truly.

Right now, I'm looking back at the weekend (and Monday!) that kept us so wrapped up and busy that I barely paused to capture a few moments here and there... and we're only getting started! We'll be prepping for a trip out of town today, then hitting the road for a little beach time before the close of the summer.

My multiple lists are calling me, as is the laundry, cooking, and suitcase packing, so off I go! Happy Tuesday!

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