Friday, February 15, 2013

Not Again...

What is it about late winter and plumbing problems for us? At least- this time- we had enough warning before the water had to be turned of to fill the bathtub and procure some jugs of drinking-quality water. What a difference.

Still, it just reiterated how taken for granted this simple commodity really is. How many times did I turn a faucet, try the ice maker, or reach to flush a potty without a second thought, only to be greeted with dry gurgles and gasps? And we were only without running water for about 14 or 15 hours... and we knew it was coming... and we still had power. It really puts in to perspective what people are going through right now because of natural disasters, etc. Wow.

That being said, I also owe a shout-out to the men in my life; their willingness to drop everything and root around in 40-degree, 2-foot-deep mud for hours without a second thought and their amazing craftiness probably saved us upwards of $500 (maybe even more), and that makes them nothing short of heroes in my opinion.

However, it would be nice if we could stop short of making this an annual tradition. I mean, seriously... two years in a row, same problem, same mud, and almost the exact same leak... all I can say is ugh.

Ugh... and I'm so glad we have such awesome family support.  

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