Thursday, September 13, 2012

Last Year

If you were in my kitchen this morning, you'd smell the scent of shampoo drifting from the bathroom and mingling with the aroma of freshly brewing coffee. You'd hear the sounds of kiddos stirring and a restless cat anxious to begin his morning prowl outside. Through the windows, you'd see a sleepy puppy stretched out on grass that has made it through the summer, still green.

We'd talk about the cold front that's coming, and the rain we'll hopefully get with it.

We'd share some orange-cranberry-oatmeal muffins.

We'd snicker at the final thwarting of the rabbits with the extra 2' of chicken wire added to the garden fence.

Then, as the kids joined us, it would be hard not to marvel at how big they're getting, how fast time flies, and how much has changed since last year...

...and that was just last year... time really does fly.

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