Monday, June 4, 2012

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...enjoying the last few slices of a new addition to our 'usual' lineup- oatmeal bread from this book- and planning the next batch... perhaps later this morning!
...listening to the sprinkler rain down on the blooming flowers and dying squash, tomatoes, and new greens in the garden, because despite all the rain we gladly received last week, my raised beds are dry (alas).
...marveling at the blooms that seemed to have happened overnight over here.
...bursting at my Mama-heart seams as our little miss now daily 'reads'- from memory!- a few of her favorite books to her dolls and choice toys in the mornings.
...hoping for a jump-start to a rather stagnant and undesirable situation we're hovering in... sigh (more on that soon, I hope!).
...loving the little handmade apron, mailed to us from distant family, that's now become a staple in the kitchen and on a little girl that can't be made to take it off!
...reveling in the lingering glow of a weekend that included Me-Time, a movie night with the hubs, a family dinner, and a lot of quality Daddy time.

Right now, in lining up the week, I find myself a little weary of the oncoming summer days, a little excited for a few planned events to come to pass, and a little hopeful for that abstract thing that is the near future. May we all find something to look forward to this week... happy Monday.

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  1. Tks for the wonderful dinner last nite and "family time". Love you all TOOOOOO MUCH