Thursday, February 9, 2012

So Far This Week...


So far this week, we have...

...made homemade chicken stock twice, once in a dish with tasty results, and the second time with a dish that will definitely need tweaking for next time.
...cooked and baked even more with coconut oil (easily my newest culinary obsession... seriously, this stuff is amazing).
...played outside, despite the chill (because we all know the chill in these parts is a fickle thing).
...schemed even more about the other, more neglected flower bed between the porch and the house (hello, fruit-bearing landscaping!).
...taken a trip to the thrift store with fruitful and frugal results, including a couple new books, some discarded hand-made wooden toys, and an adorable vintage pillowcase that has already become Audrey's latest- and best so far, I do declare- pillowcase dress (details coming!).
...given in to the spring cleaning urge, just a tiny little bit, and started reorganizing a few things here and there.
...cast off long-overdue projects, and cast on projects even more overdue (I really hope I can finish this hat before Henny outgrows it!).
...made a little more progress in shaping up the garden beds for a few more of the earliest seeds and bulbs.
...finally caught Baby Bubba on video jamming out to some Gillian Welch!

It has been a full week, and it's still just Thursday! We also find ourselves, amidst the simultaneous projects and play, looking forward to what the weekend holds. Hoping your days have been full and fulfilling so far this week, too.

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