Friday, January 6, 2012

...And It Begins

This unseasonably warm January has me out in the sunshine, books open, wheels turning...

Notice the cracker crumbs all over me...


...and with this tantalizing, teasing feeling of spring, we find ourselves wandering the mostly-sleeping garden beds with longing in our fingers and dormant dust between our toes. Oh, what will these beds gift us this season? More carrots? Definitely. Turnips? Maybe... corn? I hope so! Radishes? Um, maybe not as many THIS time around! Did you know there were so many beautiful, enviable varieties of beans? And oh, the lettuces and herbs!

I think, through the cold winter weather (should it ever choose to present itself!), the planning of the lush and all-too-brief spring garden is almost as much fun as the planting and the harvesting! Especially with websites such as this one, this one, and this one- even when the weather gets back to being winter, this gal is going to be plotting and planning that sunny spring garden plot!

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