Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

This years' Easter was a bit unconventional for us... Because Baby Henry was only 2 weeks old by the time the holiday rolled around, we opted out of the traditional trip down to C-town for church and supper with family. Instead, we had a potluck lunch at our place on Saturday, followed by a small Easter egg hunt, to supplement and allow for photo ops. Audrey got to wear a big, fancy dress (which she thoroughly enjoyed, saying "I look like a big girl!"), and a good time was had by all.

Evening snack, and the only pic I took of her in Easter dress #1
(I must have been distracted by something or something...)

On Easter proper, Mama got up and hid a second round of Easter eggs, and an antsy little girl rushed through her breakfast as fast as she could so she could get down and gather them up! After donning fancy Easter dress #2, she grabbed her felt Easter bucket, and away she went!

Ready for the hunt

Tossing in a plastic, rattly treasure

Happy egg hunter

First sib holiday pic

Opening eggs with Daddy

Chubby toddler feet

Getting some assistance while opening them "By-ya self"

Easter prizes

Wishing Baby Brother a Happy Easter

Satisfied Audrey-Bunny

Our quiet, slow, 4-person Easter was a sweet success. Wishing all a Happy Easter, too!

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