Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Eve

What a yucky, humid, warm Thanksgiving Eve! It just doesn't seem right to be 24 hours away from one of our most favorite holidays, and be sweating in t-shirts and wishing for air conditioning!

It was humid enough in our house that even Audrey's straightened hair turned curly over night...

After a morning with Aunt KK and an exciting afternoon with an early-to-come-home Daddy, we piled into the truck and went to go pick out our Christmas tree... along the way, a few colorful trees caught our attention...

Perusing the not-yet-unwrapped trees to find the perfect one
Our prize, to sit naked until the post-Thanksgiving decorating

My tired loves

With successful hunting and gathering, preparing and packing handled, we await the big Turkey Day! Gobble, gobble!

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