Saturday, October 2, 2010

Soaking It Up

The weather lately has been beyond what I could have thought to ask for. Mild afternoons, cool nights, and crisp mornings... we have been soaking it up every day with lunches out side, afternoons in the driveway with chalk and in the sandbox, and evenings walking through the neighborhood. Audrey now asks periodically throughout the day for "Outside walk big stroller?"

She's a happy camper in her stroller, kicking back, feeling the breeze, watching bugs and birds and big trucks fly by, and counting trees (kinda).

Audrey ready and waiting to hit the sidewalk


On our way

The sun coming through the long grass, making it look metallic

A windshield casualty

 "Booful Bah-Fyee!"

Feeling the breeze on the way home

Wrapping up the evening with a romp in the backyard

Playing in the last of the daylight

Who needs fallen leaves when you have dry grass?

Inspecting the last of the garden flowers

"Oooo, pretty fah-wers!"

Looking for "bee-tols"

Bath time at last

It almost feels too good to be true, this actual autumn feel that's outside waiting each time we open a door or window. No matter how soon it'll be chased away by another hot spell or an early winter, for now, these days feel like they'll last forever, and through a little girl's eyes, they do. 

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