Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mulling Over the Potager

This year, I tried my hand at real veggie and flower gardening for the first time since I was a kid helping my mom in her garden space. I researched and read and implemented what I thought was the best possible scenario for success in my circumstances. However, experience is the best teacher, and I now have a whole new list of things to try for the spring that will make my garden so much better!

I have forgone the fall garden in lieu of the chance to make some significant structural changes to what I labored over nearly all of March and April. The main change: re-set the stone walls using mortar instead of dirt! My my, what an oversight it was to think dirt would hold up stone through the baking heat and shifting soil of summer!

This weekend I got a chance to clear out what was left of the clingers-on and stragglers still claiming space in my raised beds, and it is now so much easier to assess the needs of my ambitious project and start making a list for the home supply stores!

Sadly, at first glance, it looks like I'm starting at square one! Hopefully, this time around the task will be a bit easier, and I can have everything turned and mulched and ready for winter before it gets too rainy and cold to want to be doing garden anything! That way, come spring, I can head to the garden with my fresh new ideas and dig right in, and have the best round two garden there ever was!

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