Thursday, February 11, 2010

Waking to a Winter Wonderland

It snowed over night! What a beautiful surprise... the weather people of the channels-that-be always seem to miss the mark, but they were spot on this time. We have had at least 4 if not more inches of snow, and it's sticking! It was fun to watch it come down while drinking coffee, and even more fun to watch it with Kyle, since he was unable to make it up the last 30 feet or so of our driveway and head off to work.

The real fun, however, came after Audrey got up. We hastily fed her breakfast, all the while watching the snow fall down in huge wet flakes, and when she was finished, we scooped her out of her high chair and headed up stairs to start the bundling! Over her onsie and socks, we left her footie pajamas on, then slipped a fleece coverall over that, then mittens, then boots...

By the time we made it back down stairs and added her jacket, Audrey resembled the little brother from 'A Christmas Story.'

So once Audrey was successfully protected from temperatures much colder than what it actually was outside, we grabbed our own coats, and headed out. Audrey boldly took her first steps into the second snow of her life, and never looked back... well, OK, she looked back a lot, but she wholeheartedly undertook the snow experience.

Audrey plunges in to the great white abyss

One small step for man...

Not quite sure what to make of all this white stuff


...and off she goes

Wandering in a winter wonderland

Audrey acquires a target

Daddy and Audrey

Family footprints

Now, as Audrey naps peacefully with visions of snowflakes dancing in her head, I feel like baking. Maybe I'll turn that roasted butternut squash I have into some muffins. For now, though, a cup of hot apple cider should hit the spot. Happy snow day!

Audrey Discovers Snow from Kyle Ware on Vimeo.

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  1. Now you have a "holiday" card photo (never mind the snow occurred in February...).