Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Gramps Kind of Day

This Saturday, Gramps (aka Bill) came up and helped with projects here and there for the majority of the day. One demanding project was the Audrey, who would not rest until she had fed her Gramps many a toasty-o, Goldfish Cracker, and puffed wheat (all which had previously been on the floor). What a good Gramps she has.

Audrey approaches Gramps with her 'bites cup'

After being deemed worthy, Audrey offers Gramps a choice toasty-o

Audrey selects the next offering from the floor (ignore the cat tail in the foreground)

Notice the one-of-a-kind originals both Audrey and Gramps are wearing
(tie-dying by Bill)

We rounded out the afternoon with some good old-fashioned bubbles

Not sure who was enjoying them more...

One last offering: a captured bubble

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