Friday, August 21, 2009

Playin' with Pappy

On Wednesday, Audrey and I went down to Keene to have lunch with Mimmy in her classroom. This week has been her in-service, and she'll get kids on Monday. Truthfully, though, she's been working in her classroom all summer, and didn't really need a designated week of working pre-students. Anyho, we went down and met Mimmy and Pappy with a Royal pizza (the best crust ever) and afterward, followed Pappy home so Audrey could take a nap before the drive back to our house.

Audrey had a great time playing with her Pappy...

This toy is an amazing piano-thing that can switch from Mozart to Vivaldi to Bach to Beethoven with the press of a button, and Audrey loves it!

Pappy tried to scoot the chair closer to the keyboard with no luck

Audrey switched gears and played with the xylophone-piano

The grand finale: RT settled in to watch the show when Audrey started using her shoe to pound the keys

The day wrapped up with a round of catch and roll... Audrey's current favorite toy over anything else is a good old-fashioned ball, and she's getting pretty good at throwing and rolling it, even though some of the distance she achieves is from ricochet from accidentally dropping the ball on her foot...

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