Friday, August 28, 2009


Audrey has had a busy couple of days! On Wednesday, Aunt KK came in to town, and came over to play with Grammy.

Audrey checks out the nesting bowls Aunt KK has while Grammy takes a picture with her iPhone

Aunt KK is stealing Audrey's sugar!

This orange slice is juicy and nice...

Audrey got to hang out with Pappy on Thursday and Grammy, Aunt KK, and Gramps on Thursday evening, too, and she was totally tuckered out at the end of the day!

Today (Friday), Audrey had a play-date with Lynnde Williams, and she had a great time!

Audrey shares her toys and Lynnde shares her sippy-cup

Lynnde had a lot of stories to tell Audrey

Audrey and Lynnde play catch

Audrey admires Lynnde's shoes (she's truly my kiddo!)

Lynnde helps Audrey pick up her shapes

The girls check out the activity thingies on Audrey's play saucer

The afternoon concluded with Audrey showing Lynnde the dog in the backyard.

After playtime, Audrey went down for her nap and slept the whole 2 hours! What a great way to end such a busy week!

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  1. ha! she sleeps in the same position I DO :-)