Wednesday, April 5, 2017


 My feather babies got their first taste of real sunshine, dirt, and outside noises yesterday. We took the bottom off of the cage we've used in the past for quarantining grownup girls (don't worry, it's been thoroughly cleaned since the last sickie chickie inhabited it), and plunked them down in a spot that could be easily watched from the kitchen window.

We learned how necessary it was to keep a sharp eye on little peeps when we were introducing our first flock to the great outdoors- they attract quite a lot of predator attention! But I had nothing to worry about this time around, because my two responsible Chicken Friends parked themselves near the little girls and kept their eyes on them the whole time.

 And once it was time for them to come back inside, everyone helped gather up their gear, open and close doors, and gently unload them back into their bathtub "brooder." I'm really looking forward to letting the kids take a more active role in caring for these girls, especially now that they won't have the threat of a rooster attacking them as they help feed or water or gather eggs. They really want the opportunity to be in charge of them, too, so win-win!

I sure am lucky I have such responsible and willing Peepsitters!

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