Monday, January 4, 2016

Hen Art

As I've said a few times before, I used to joke about having kids just for the kid art... and in that arena my Littles have always risen to the occasion. Audrey is on her way to finding a niche as a budding artist (pronounced ar-teeeeeey-st), and lately Henry has been drawing like a crazy man, too.

Last night he cut up a coloring book (for the blank side of the pages- he said it was the best paper for cutting... despite all the blank varieties he has access to) and spent close to an hour makin' stuff...

Rulers, some of which go all the way to eleven, twelve, and fourteen (the green ones
are made by Sissy, brown by Hen).

A couple more rulers and a bookmark of Daddy.

A portrait of me... a flattering one I might add. He's so... generous.

"A big brown cactus, so you can look at it and think about big brown cactuses."

Not only do I just love the doodles and explanations that come along with this stuff, but I love love that my kiddos together will draw and chat and crack each other up for an hour, sometimes more. I think I was wise before my time seeing value in kid art so long ago.

And that big brown cactus? I'm thinking about making it into a shirt... you don't think it would be confused as anything but a cactus, do you?

Heh heh.

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