Monday, May 11, 2015

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...sipping coffee with flavored creamer instead of milk (we're all out), and feeling a little sad about it.
...wondering just how much water our soil can take! It feels like it has rained non-stop all week... now our mulch is washing away, our little fruit trees are starting to lean toward the north, and almost all my roses have lost their petals.
...feeling thankful that so far it's been only rain, and the severe stuff has stayed in our periphery.
...wearing new earrings and a new bracelet, gifted by my Littles (and sweet in-laws) as part of my Mother's Day extravaganza- I got to sleep in (like until 8am y'all!), there was coffee and doughnuts waiting for me when I got up, I got a long hot shower uninterrupted, time to read in the afternoon, grilled cheese made for me for lunch, a nap (no, really!), and a fancy dinner accompanied by my loves (two of whom dressed as a pirate and a royal princess, to make the dinner all the more fancy).
...scanning the yard for the perfect spots for plum and pear trees (happy Mother's Day to me!).
...looking forward to attending my first beekeepers' meeting tonight!
...hoping I can find all the things I need to start a little something special for the hubs for Father's Day when I get to the grocery store this morning.
...loving the prospect of some solid hours of sunshine today!

Right now I am not at all complaining about the rain (we still technically haven't been elevated from drought status), but at the same time am truly looking forward to seeing a little warm light out the windows this afternoon! Oh, this Texas spring weather!

Wishing all a happy Monday.

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