Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Right Now, on a Wednesday

Right now, I'm... again for the first time since Friday! There was an... accident (that may or may not have involved erosion, the lawnmower, and the internet/TV cable), and we have been living like it's 1990 all weekend.
...winding down from a last-minute showing for the buyers of our house and their entire extended family (we're talking an entire driveway full of cars, and my driveway is a circle drive that's also half an acre long).
...feeling tense knowing that even though we've come this far, it's still entirely possible that this house deal could fall apart... for a myriad of reasons.
...smiling in spite of myself at the way the hubs can't mow solo anymore- as soon as the kiddos hear the mower fire up, they grab their gear and run for the trailer.
...devouring the Little House series that I loved listening to as a kid while my mom read it aloud (and yes, it's still just as good as I read it to myself, though I miss hearing mom choke up here and there).
...wondering where Sister's new obsession with hiding around the house came from.
...enjoying some of the mid-summer fruit that came in our late spring co-op share, despite the off-season-ness of it all.
...cautiously beginning to feel like maybe, just maybe, Henry is getting the hang of being in his Big Boy Bed, free to roam his room at will, and not screaming the entire time... now if only I could get him to keep his pants and diaper on while he's at it (oh well, baby steps).
...loving the chance I got to sit down with the kiddos and the box of ancient Crayons (seriously, some of them are from my childhood) and just color for an entire Sunday morning.
...wishing all a great finish to the week, and a happy Wednesday!

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