Monday, August 6, 2012

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...enjoying a sentimental trip on the way-back machine as old photo files from long-ago computer backups have again become accessible.
...beginning a new endeavor with my Mama and getting a kick out of our collaboration.
...still smiling at the thrill of a little girl who got "drapes" (also known as crepes) for dinner to kick off the weekend.
...hoping for some news to bring a little resolution to our household this week.
...marveling at the very, very brief sprinkling of rain that came and gave us a sweet gray morning to break up all this baking sun.
...plotting and planning our meals this week around a co-op basket that included three cantaloupes, two heads of cabbage, and three big heads of romaine lettuce. Hmmmmmm...
...loving the kiddos who got in to Mama's handknits this weekend, and (almost) willingly modeled- albeit briefly- for the camera.

Right now, I'm counting down the last few days of my twenties, trying to soak in every detail of this mid-late summer with my all-too-fast-growing babes, and hoping just a little of the glow from this sweet weekend lingers with us as we kick off the first full week of August. Happy Monday.

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