Friday, February 4, 2011


This morning, we woke up to about 6 inches of powdery, fluffy snow covering everything, and soft white flakes floating through the air. Sheets of ice and temperatures in the teens and low twenties had kept us inside all week, but that fine fluffy coating changed everything, and beckoned to us all through breakfast. By about 10am, we were layering and insulating and wrapping up to head out into the wintery magic!

Audrey, Mama, and Leeloo follow Daddy outside

Audrey takes her first steps into almost-knee-high drifts

Our winter wonderland

Happy snowbaby

Making snow angels... kinda...

Mama bundled Audrey so tightly, she couldn't stand back up by herself!

"Plopping" in the snow (you can't tell because of the scarf, but she's cracking up)

Daddy introduces Audrey to his winter obsession

Frozen smiles

Helping Mama haul in the sled

We had to change Audrey's mittens half way through our winter adventures because they were wet and caked with snow, but she couldn't have cared less, and when it was time to go inside to thaw out, she literally dragged her feet the whole way in. She wanted to stay out in the snow all afternoon! 

Unfortunately, the 23-degree temps with colder wind chills had veto power over an adventurous little girls' requests to "play in snow more?" We headed in to some spiced cider, homemade veggie soup, and grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. 

The house is now peaceful and quiet, with everyone dried off, warmed up, and full, and a little girl sleeping peacefully in her Big Girl Bed with visions of snowflakes floating in her head. Happy snow day!

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