Tuesday, September 8, 2009

3-Day Weekend

This past three-day weekend was also Kyle's birthday weekend. By request, we didn't plan a big celebration or outing, and hung around home to relax, eat, and play. Kyle got to come home early on Friday, and we enjoyed the overcast, cloudy day hanging out and winding down.

On Saturday, we had baked pears and coffee, and ran errands around town between Audrey's naps. On Saturday night we actually got to go out to eat (wa-hoo!) and indulged by sampling the local Cotton Patch Cafe.

On Sunday afternoon, Grammy and Gramps (aka Linda and Bill) came over (Linda fresh from the airport) and stayed with Audrey so we could go out with friends. It sounds like they had a good time, and we did too!

Audrey shows her toys to Gramps... all of them

Audrey was having a great time explaining what each toy was for

Grammy and Gramps wore Audrey out, and Audrey wore Gramps' knees out!

When we got home Sunday night, it felt like we had pulled an all-nighter, yet it was only 12:30am! It seems like the older you get and the less frequently you go out, the harder the following hours are once you get back in!

So Audrey woke up fresh and happy after her night with her grandparents, and Mama and Dada woke up fuzzy-eyed and dashing for the coffee pot, but on the whole it was a great weekend for everyone!

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  1. And Monday morning (Kyle's birthday) Courtney made an awesome breakfast!